Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Canadian Manifesto: Table of Contents

The Canadian Manifesto

How the American Neoconservatives Stole my Country

Table of Contents

Part V: The Politics of Obscurantism

First You Obstruct

Next You Control the Message

Part VI:  Richard Nixon and Stephen Harper as Fellow Travellers

The Silent Majority
Guy Giorno:  Everything he Knows Came From Art Finkelstein

New Canadian Epidemic. We've All Been "Finkel Thinked"

Politics of Contempt: The Nixon-Harper Ticket

Part VII:  The Politics of Authoritarianism

Odonists and the Western Guard

Happy Shoppers and True Nazis

Part VIII:  The Politics of Inequality

Adam Smith and the State-Corporate Complex

The American Legislative Exchange Council and the Conservative Party of Canada

The Nanny State for Very Big Babies

Riding Off Into the Sunset Technique

Don't Blame Me.  My Only Job Is to Maximize Profits

Part IX:  The Politics of the Invisible Hand

The Invisible Hand of the Council for National Policy

The Invisible Hand of the American Enterprise Institute

The Invisible Hand of the Fraser Institute

The Invisible Hand of the National Citizens Coalition

Part X: The Politics of Religion

The Exploitation of Religion

God, Gays and Guns

Dirty Deeds and the Selling of Souls

God's Army of Child Soldiers

Rod Bruinooge: Prophet or Profit for the Lord?

Religion Goes Corp

David Sweet: Spiritual Capital and Reconstructionism

"Signaling" For Good and Evil

The Centre of the Universe


  1. Why haven't you published this as a book. It is very informative, and perhaps would stop some of Harpers evil agenda.

  2. Funny, I said the very same thing to Emily regarding:

  3. I would so like to see some of the "unfinished" chapters to this book!