Monday, August 22, 2011

The Players in the Northern European Holy War

A Christian Manifesto, written by the late Francis Schaeffer, became the blueprint for the Religious Right.

Schaeffer called for a second American Revolution, that does not limit itself to the United States, but must rescue all of what he refers to as 'Northern Europe', which includes Canada, New Zealand, Australia and no doubt the United Kingdom.

They refer to it as "expanding Christ's kingdom".

Once you look at this broader domain that the Religious Right would like to take dominion over, the entire movement becomes clear as a bell. We are merely a cog in the wheel.

I'm using this page to link to the players in the movement, from all of the nations that are to be encapsulated. It will eventually be very long.


Anders, Rob
Ben-Ami, Joseph
Beyer, Roy
Bloedow, Tim
Boessenkool, Ken
Boissoin, Stephen
Bruinooge, Rod
Byfield, Ted
Cameron, Mark
Chandler, Craig
Chipeur, Gerald
Cools, Anne
Day, Stockwell
Dimant, Frank
Emmanuel, Tristan (not his real name)
Flaherty, Jim
Fletcher, Steven
Gairdner, William
Gallant, Cheryl
Giorno, Guy
Goodyear, Gary
Grey, Deborah
Gunter, Lorne
Harper, Stephen
Hudak, Tim
Komarnicki, Ed
Kenney, Jason
Landolt, Gwen
Levant, Ezra
Lilley, Brian
Lunney, James
Mainse, David
Manning, Preston
McVety, Charles
Morgan, Gwyn
Morton, Ted
Poilievre, Pierre
Quist, Dave
Reid, Darrel
Rushfeldt, Brian
Shipley, Bev
Solberg, Monte
Sweet, David
Thomas, Rondo
Tkachuk, David
Toews, Vic
Trask, Brent
Trost, Brad
Van Loan, Peter
Vellacott, Maurice
Warawa, Mark
Weston, John
Wilson, Paul


Muehlenberg, Bill
Williams, Glenn

New Zealand

Baldock, Larry and Barbara
Savill, Sheryl
Sisarich, Tim

United Kingdom

Northern Europe

Breivik, Anders Behring

United States

Ashcroft, John
Bachmann, Michelle and Marcus
Bauer, Gary
Bennett, Bill
Blackwell, Morton
Copeland, Kenneth
Colson, Chuck
Coulter, Ann
Crouch, Paul and Jan
DeLay, Tom
Dobson, James
Eisenach, Jeffrey A.
Engle, Lou
Falwell, Jerry
Fleischer, Ari
Gonzales, Alberto
Hagee, John
Hagin, Kenneth
Hanby, Mark
Jinn, Bennie
Hybels, Bill
Kemp, Jack
Koop, C. Everitt
Kristol, Irving
Kristol, William
LaHaye, Timothy
LaHaye, Beverly
Long, Eddie L.
Norquist, Grover
Novak, Michael
Osteen, Joel
Parsley, Rod
Paulk, Earl
Pearson, Carlton
Reed, Ralph
Rove, Karl
Schaeffer, Francis
Schaffer, Frank
Schuller, Robert
Starr, Kenneth
Warren, Rick
Wead, Doug
Weyrich, Paul
Whitehead, John


Council For National Policy
Empower America
Leadership Institute
Prison Fellowship
Teen Challenge
Wilberforce Forum

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